Wastewater Treatment Plant for Airbus Factory

Project and construction management of a wastewater treatment plant

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Wastewater Treatment Plant for Airbus Factory

Commissioned by AIRBUS, Savener carries out the design and project management of the construction of a Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Factory of San Pablo Sur in Seville.

This project arises from the need to adjust the parameters of waste to the values indicated by the Seville Municipal Ordinance for Water Supply and Sewerage, thanks to the building of infrastructures and installations necessary for the depuration of domestic wastewater in the Factory.

The actions taken range from the water supply points of the intake collector to the Treatment Plant, to its delivery to the discharge points, including the treatment of this water as part of the process of depuration, the treatment and evacuation of the sludges produced in the process and of all the secondary installations.

SAVENER has planned a design and project execution with prefabricated, environment-friendly elements, that offers an optimal and complete solution which adapts to the characteristics of the factory