SAVENER reaches across boundaries and collaborates, whether it's treating, distributing or storing water, to successfully deliver customized, innovative solutions.

SAVENER has the capacity and the expertise required to help society to carry outthe Efficient Management of the Water Cycle. From the development of infrastructures that guarantee drinking water for the population to obtaining it through specialized systems such as desalination and providing the facilities needed to channel, purify, manage and store it.

Savener’s approach to problems and the search for solutions is always developed from a contextual or holistic vision, considering the particularities of the location, the client’s needs, objectives, economics, efficiency, as well as cultural and social aspects that shape the environment. The end result is always optimal and as effective as possible in the environment in which it is developed.

Climate change, population growth and the growth of urban areas, among other factors, have brought catastrophic floods and a shortage and deterioration of the quality of drinking water. Management of the water cycle and guaranteed access to drinking water have become a significant challengewith many difficulties.

Savener has the knowledge, the tools andexperience required to successfully and effectively address the challenges posed by Water Management. Our services in this sector cover all the requirements that are needed today to create and project the most avant-garde and efficient solutions, using all the necessary means and harmoniously combining the specialized resourcesof various disciplines and Savener services.