Retractable Roof for Swimming Pool

New swimming pool in Tiro de Línea

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Retractable Roof for Swimming Pool

Savener was chosen in 2016 by the Municipal de Deporte de Sevilla to provide a draft project for building a Retractable Mobile Roof for the swimming pool of the Tiro de Línea Sports Centre in Seville, a project that affects a total area of approximately 1,900 m2.

In their design of the installation and the cover, Savener carried out a meticulous analysis of heat and energy use.  The solution that Savener put forward consists of a roof divided into two parts. A first level fixed at ground height in the form of a transparent base at users’ eye-level which will make the scale of the building seem more inviting. This base will consist of a reinforced concrete entrance which will be closed by doors of worked metal and glass. This first floor will also act as the foundation for the retractable roof on a metallic structure, which is also the support for the climate control installations for the covered pool, which has also been designed by Savener.

The second floor of the building is where the solution for the building’s roof is installed. One of the conditions of this design is for the pool to be used as a heated covered space in winter, and as an open-air pool in summer. This was created by designing a moving roof placed over the base and concrete entrance in the form of a sandwich of metal and polycarbonate panels whose configuration varies in consonance with the façade and which is angled to make the most of the conditions of heat and light in the interior. The roof is made of six sections supported by ingeniously designed metal structures, two of which are permanently fixed while the others are moved by an automated opening/closing mechanism, using electric motors to make the operation easier.