Better places to live and work. Sustainability as the only effective tool to link activity, comfort, nature, effectiveness and life.

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Better Places to live and work

SAVENER has been a committed and solid ally in helping to transform the building sector, leading some of the most ambitious projects in sustainable construction.

SAVENER offers a powerful combination of services that range from investment advice, to all the technical expertise necessary for the project / detailed engineering development, including sustainable designs of the solutions best adapted to the environment.

A good building depends on its adaptation to the environment to minimize the resources required to make it.To ensure a low-impact life cycle, with ease, simplicity and efficiency in its operation and maintenance, depends above all on knowing how to satisfy in an affordable and efficient way the functions for which it was designed and in particular, to make it healthy and user-friendly.

When we are facing the design of a building we must keep a holistic vision and use a vast range of tools and knowledge. SAVENER has a deep expertise, a highly qualified and experienced team, a wide set of tools, as well as the most advanced techniques to successfully address the design of a good, sustainable, efficient, effective, affordable and adapted building.

The entire design process is developed using BIM platforms, which provide a high level of quality, precision and speed in preparing the works. SAVENER’s BIM department uses highly advanced systems to be able to generate effective and accurate information. In order to do this, it uses techniques ranging from 3D Laser scanning of the environment before the start of the works to reverse scanning to control their progress, including the incorporation of meta-information to generate models for maintenance and operation which can be manipulated by using virtual reality.