Hangar Recovery Center A400M

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Hangar Recovery Center A400M

Airbus chose Savener as its best option to develop the future Hangar to be built in the San Pablo Sur Factory in Seville after a tender process that took several months to complete and in which the best companies in Spain for this type of project all competed.

This Hangar will house the Recovery Center for the innovative A400M airplane and will be a landmark project for this type of building.

The singular and demanding requirements for this type of aeronautical infrastructures has conditions Savener’s final proposal. This is an intelligent mix of demanding requirements and a commitment to sustainable and efficient buildings, resulting in a highly functional, effective and innovative project that offers full comfort and the optimization of the processes and activities that take place within its walls.

The building program includes a Hangar and an annexed two-storey office building which will also have such essential services as a rest area and facilities rooms, etc. The size, equipment and installations designed by Savener for the Hangar are adapted to the special needs and requirements of the A400M airplanes and the specific characteristics that Airbus asked for. The Hangar will have a general work area for the jobs that are involved in repairing airplanes, an office area that opens on to the general area, and logistics zones, which are not compartmentalized.

Savener’s accumulated experience in this type of infrastructure and building, along with the creation of a multi-skilled, highly qualified and experienced team have made it possible for the final result to blend in with the rest of the factory space and satisfy all the demands of the different “actors” within the Airbus organization that have input on a project of this scale.