Engineering Partner of the largest companies in the aeronautical sector

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SAVENER is without doubt a genuine Technological Partner in the world’s most important aeronautical projects. Advice on Investments and Planning, Innovation, design and Implementation, as well as on ways to improve processes and make solutions more efficient.

We help our clients to create more effective infrastructures, but also to adapt their existing facilities to a complex sector currently under strain. A sector that is looking for new paths to the future in which it can make smart, efficient and sustainable use of its enormous assets. This transition period is undoubtedly full of opportunities for those who can rethink how they use their infrastructures as a way to provide successful solutions for a radically different future.

Our enormous experience in developing aeronautical infrastructures has made it possible for us to establish close relations with the most important actors in the sector. The trust that so many of our clients place in our capacity and skills are shown by the Engineering Framework Contracts we have signed with the largest companies in the sector, such as AIRBUS, a company that has seen SAVENER as a fundamental technological ally in its development of infrastructures and strategic projects for over a decade.

SAVENER can offer a immense range of Services that support the whole cycle of aeronautic projects, from strategic investment analysis to operations and maintenance, with design and smart implementation that is effective, affordable and efficient.

The full range of aeronautical infrastructures include Production Hangars and specialist facilities such as Training Centres or Innovation Areas, Taxiways, Clean Rooms, Airports, Assembly Lines, Refuelling Areas, Painting Buildings, Logistics Hubs and a long list of specific and specialized installations and infrastructures, each with their own particular features and details that require experience and special qualities to operate successfully.

This is one of the qualities that has made our team into a perfect collaborator with a number of different aeronautical projects around the world. A team of highly qualified and experienced professionals with practical technological resources and an in-house method that ensures a finished project that is robust, productive and highly effective.

SAVENER is fully aware of the challenges facing aeronautical infrastructures and the business they have to support, so it is able offer the best solutions to configure projects that can respond to the demands of the new times. It designs highly innovative digitalized solutions that are sustainable, effective and affordable, to create results that are extraordinarily efficient, flexible and competitive.

Our work is highly detailed and customized for each client and project, we understand our clients’ point of view, their challenges and expectations.