BCS. Building Condition Survey

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BCS. Building Condition Survey

The productive area of many industries should be maintained 100% operative at all times in order to ensure the achievement of long-term objectives.

In the aeronautical sector, this statement acquires a very relevant importance as the manufacturing processes of the different aeronautical programmes have a very long cycle until completion of the resulting products.

With this in mind, Airbus needed to know which would be its Investment Master Plan to maintain completely operative all productive plants in the following 25 years.

SAVENER was selected among other specialized companies and was commissioned a major project that would have the ultimate objective of identifying the state of all elements in Airbus’s productive plants in Spain.

The project implied analysing all factory components, establishing their degradation, deciding the year of replacement and the cost of such replacement, and coming up with a solution which could improve the existing one. At the same time SAVENER was to identify the energy rating of the various buildings and find solutions to improve their energy behaviour while grasping the opportunity to replace some worn out component.

After 3 years of hard work, equivalent to over 22,000 hours and the participation of a team of 23 technicians belonging to different areas, SAVENER successfully completed a project that has generated more than 76,000 photos, more than 2,700 specific reports, 900 specific drawings and more than 350 simulations of various kinds.

The project team was divided into four groups, each one specialized in different aspects of the factories. One of them analysed the structure and building envelope, another the mechanical plants, the third the electrical installations and the last one concentrated on the assessment of the regulatory compliance regarding accessibility, a very important matter for Airbus.

This project has given SAVENER a deep knowledge of the industrial plants and all their aspects, and has determined an improvement of protocols, design tools and solutions employed by Savener for the development of factories and all their elements.