Parking Space for Tanker Trucks in Airport Infrastructures

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Parking Space for Tanker Trucks in Airport Infrastructures

At the start of 2017, and following a demanding tender process, Savener was awarded the contract to prepare the Basic Plan and Execution, as well as to Supervise the work and to coordinate the health and safety measures for the construction of the new Parking facility for Tanker Trucks at the Airbus factory at San Pablo Sur de Seville.

The nature of this project made it necessary for a team of diverse specialists to take part, including our experts on airport road surfaces, infrastructures for airports and oil industry facilities, with Mechanical Engineers, to meet the different conditioning factors required in the Needs Program.

The project is located close to one of the factory’s Fuel Centres and was designed to be an integrated part of it, creating a global infrastructure to support air transport and production.

The project considered the most unfavourable weights and specific turning circles in order to respond to the request of the end user so that vehicles can enter and depart any of the parking bays without intermediate manoeuvres, whether approaching the infrastructure from the north access or the south.

Bearing in mind that the infrastructure is in the Factory Fight Line Platform (Side-Air), the design and signage follows the protocol for Platform Security and has an easement to allow an A350-900 to circulate without problems.

In expectation of the high level of use for this infrastructure, light sliding doors have been designed to allow the whole esplanade to be opened, offering 28.00 m width for connections with the north traffic of the factory and the southern connection near to the fairway where the planes drive by.

The result is an infrastructure with exceptional qualities of operability, efficiency and quality, which is versatile and future ready. Both the configuration and the associated installations have been planned and built ATEX, in readiness for the parking to be converted into a vehicle loading bay with little extra investment.

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