Refurbishment of DHW. Airbus

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Refurbishment of DHW. Airbus

For this project the company AIRBUS commissioned SAVENER to refurbish the DHW Centralized Generation System with the aim of adequately meeting the demand of Hot Water throughout the factory.

The demand curve had a characteristic slope, as practically the entire consumption was concentrated in three short periods that coincided with the end of the three work shifts of the factory. Due to this, the original system did not bring the DHW to the optimal pressure and temperature point. A refurbishment of the existing system was therefore needed.

The complexity of the proposed solution was increased by the fact that it had to be executed without interrupting the DHW service. To achieve this, SAVENER designed a detailed work plan and a small provisional system which was to be removed once the permanent solution was completed.

The completed system houses a 510 Kw modulating auxiliary boiler that also serves other purposes, an accumulator capacity of 8,000 litres of water, a solar energy collection field, and it also has the capacity for supplying 83 showers running at the same time for 45 minutes. The system capacity has a recovery time of less than 6 hours after which it has full power ready for the simultaneous use of 83 showers running for 45 minutes again.