Lighting projects

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Lighting projects

One tool that SAVENER has made much use of to achieve a high degree of sustainability in its solutions is the commission of careful studies and analysis of light.

These studies are of vital importance in the project stage when we are looking for a quality solution that is also highly sustainable. Configuring an appropriate solution for the lighting system not only ensures significant energy savings, but also provides suitable levels of illumination for the work to be done in the different spaces. It means that we can avoid the effects of strong light and reflections, different levels of luminosity between different points in the same space (low standardization), etc. It also enables us to make the most of the natural light and select an arrangement for artificial light similar to sunlight, preventing eye fatigue and increasing concentration, productivity and efficiency in the work being carried out.

There are countless alternatives to develop, some of which consider how light tones change over time to imitate the variations in sunlight throughout the day, adding further comfort for people that are subjected to permanent unchanging light during their working day. Other solutions are oriented towards creating decorative light and emphasising a range of effects and sensations, all based on a concept of high energy efficiency.

When a project is finished, we may decide to improve the lighting solution adopted for another, better quality one. The process is the same as for a new project, with the difference that the preliminary field work can now measure the real levels of lighting in situ and take note of the various aspects that affect this (colours of the vertical and horizontal surfaces, finishes, furniture, windows, signs, etc.). This information can then be used to model and simulate the project and obtain the data necessary to adopt solutions to improve what has been installed.

SAVENER uses various software tools to arrive at the most suitable, efficient and healthiest solutions. It also has measuring instruments that can reproduce what has been built with absolute precision to ensure that the solutions that are finally adopted work as expected.