The world grows in cities. They are both the problem and the solution at the same time.

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Aware that today cities are home to more than half of the world’s population and that this proportion in increasing exponentially to the point that by 2050 two thirds of humanity will live in them, we must develop solutions and skills capable of facing this challenge in an effective, affordable and efficient way.

The world grows in cities

Cities have become the largest consumers of resources, the largest generators of pollution and have established complex relationships between their parts which mean that any project on them must be approached through a holistic and multidisciplinary vision to achieve success. However, at the same time cities have the capacity to improve the world, to change it. Their impact on humanity is greater than ever and will be even more so in the future.

But at the same time cities has the capacity to improve the world, to change it; the impact of humanity in cities is higher than ever and it will increase in the future. They are the problem and the solution of the biggest challenges that humanity will face in the upcoming years.

We believe that our clients need more than designers, urban planners, architects or engineers, they need a multidisciplinary team with a high level of understanding, able to analyze the mechanisms that hold  life in cities before addressing their projects, whether we refer to a specific part of the city reorganization, an office complex or a highway that connects it.

The success of these projects is not only in the quality of the design or in the accuracy of the solution, but in the interconnection between all the parts that shape the urban model, improving what it is possible and not disrupting what gives the city its identity, history and culture.

SAVENER has a highly experienced and qualified team that uses the most advanced modeling and simulation tools that have shaped the most advanced, connected and sustainable urban models of the planet.

Making a successful city is a multifaceted problem where many aspects must be combined in a careful and effective way. We need to make the city more resilient, fight climate change, provide green spaces for living, balanced growth, regeneration, capacity for cultural and artistic development, events, systems that are easy to run and a digital network that improves public management and, in general, all the activities it is home to. These are some of the key ideas when approaching a successful city project.