Upgrading of Water Distribution Pipework for Airbus Factory

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Upgrading of Water Distribution Pipework for Airbus Factory

In this project AIRBUS commissioned SAVENER to analyse the causes of an important deterioration of the water distribution pipework of the Air Conditioning System in one of its factory buildings in Spain and to find appropriate solutions to solve the problem and reverse the effects of the problem detected.

Surprisingly over a period of 5 years, the water distribution pipework of a building of more than 10,000m2 presented an advanced stage of deterioration which had caused leaks, abnormal functioning, etc.

Savener carried out an inspection during which the insulation thickness was measured, as well as the thickness of the anti-corrosive paint coating and other factors to detect the causes of such a rapid deterioration.

In essence, the problems derive from an inadequate execution of the system, and fundamentally from the solution adopted for the anticorrosion treatment, the inadequate mounting of the insulation and the vapour barrier continuity.

SAVENER developed two types of upgrade solutions with sufficient guarantee for a prolonged functioning without the presence of the observed corrosion. One of the solutions was adopted where the deterioration was in a very advanced state, in which case the pipework was replaced and a series of layers was installed to guarantee a correct and adequate long-term functioning. The other solution, for the sections where the deterioration was not very extended, involved preserving the pipework, carrying out an extensive cleaning and later applying an anticorrosion and insulating treatment, thus achieving a similar result to the one obtained with the replacement of pipework.

The solutions comply with UNE-EN ISO 12944 regulations regarding anticorrosion treatment in environments C3 or C4, with a high (H) durability and also with the UNE100171 IN regulation, regarding the adequate installation of the insulating solutions.