SAVENER with the Seville European Film Festival

As part of its continuous involvement in cultural activities, SAVENER has sponsored events in the European Film Festival of Seville for another year, specifically “Il Giorno del Cinema Italiano” which is devoted to representing and presenting Italian films in the festival. The European Film Festival showcases the most varied and representative films that are being made in Europe. Instead of showing the major box-office hits, it features cinema that seeks to communicate, inform and inspire debate on questions that are currently topical in Europe. It is a unique opportunity to see the situations and aspects of life in the many regions that make up the cultural kaleidoscope of Europe and the people who live in them.

As in previous years, SAVENER played its part with its firm support for this cultural event, contributing to the integrating and soothing effect that this cinema represents for the co-existence of so many varied cultures. The initiative to promote a day within the festival for Italian Cinema came from the Italian Cultural Centre in Seville, and especially its director, Ms. Marina Sciarretta, whose work ensures the success of this event every year. The festival organization and the figure of its director Javier Martín Domínguez are likewise a constant pillar of support for this event, which has acquired more importance year after year to make it one of the unmissable features. Besides Savener, there is a long list of companies who sponsor this event, including Climaveneta, Sofytel, Molpersa and LledóIluminación.

Seville European Film Festival
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SAVENER with the Seville European Film Festival