SAVENER Will take part in the International Technical Forum on Sustainability FINGERPLUS

The Director General of SAVENER, Aurelio Pérez Martín, will give a conference as part of the Fingerplus Forum. The Forum will be presided by the Prince of Asturies, Felipe de Borbón and inaugurated by Maria Teresa Fernández de la Vega, the first vice-president of the Government and Minister of the Presidency, as a show of institutional recognition of the content and scope it covers.

The forum brings a broad range of technical professions from different sectors together, from leading universities, public bodies, business organizations and technology firms, to discuss important questions on the topic of Sustainable Development, Technology, the most advanced solutions, innovation and the adaptation of processes that make up the activities of society. The audience will consist mainly of the senior management of companies directly or indirectly related with Sustainable Development, technical specialists and future professionals from a range of careers.

The title of the talk to be given by Aurelio Pérez will be Ecobuilding. Evolution of Sustainable Design. It will explain how the concepts, techniques and solutions applied in building sustainability have changed over time. It will start by looking at the latest ideas about sustainable design, showing some generic current solutions. It will also analyse final results of a building that was conceived in 2005 under sustainability criteria and which is in use today. The differences and absences that can be seen in a design that it only five years old will be explained, before seeing whether the difficulties entailed in sustainable development are greater than those of a traditional approach to building. This part of the talk will be illustrated by a live connection to the building’s control systems to offer a tangible and detailed view of how it works.

There can be no doubt that this meeting is an exceptional opportunity to update, exchange and learn the information that is necessary for success in the solutions and strategies that we can apply to achieve truly Sustainable Development.

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SAVENER Will take part in the International Technical Forum on Sustainability FINGERPLUS