SAVENER supplier of Owners Engineering Services for Dutch company GIDARA Energy

Savener has recently started to provide Owners Engineering Services to Gidara Energy at its first “Advanced Methanol Amsterdam (AMA)” plant, located in the port of Amsterdam.

AMA includes a testing facility, knowledge center and full plant producing advanced methanol that meets the European biofuel mandate (RED II, June 2021) as well as local, Dutch legislation.

The plant is expected to be fully operational in 2023, producing an average of 87.5 KTA (kilotons per annum) from 175 KTA non-recyclable waste. Its objective is to contribute to better fuels and a circular economy, while providing port expansion, thus more employment.

Based on the treatment of waste and biomass, the “Advanced Methanol Amsterdam” project seeks to replace fossil fuels with bio methanol produced from non-recyclable waste and biomass.

AMA's goal is to contribute to better and more sustainable fuels and a circular economy.

The integration of the entire value chain is therefore essential for the success of Gidara Energy’s complete business case and to meet governmental targets to achieve CO emission reductions as defined in the Renewable Energy Directive (RED II).

Gidara has also contract Tecnicas Reunidas the execution of the Front-end engineering design and the estimation of the investment in the form of “open books” (FEED-OBE) for the AMA project.

Savener is a global provider of professional services to the resources and energy sectors, and energy transition for decarbonization industry. Savener’s commitment is to optimize the efficiency of resources, according to the resources, and to achieve a more sustainable fuel industry.

Seville-headquartered engineering company Savener will carry out the Owners Engineering services partnering with Gidara Technical team to ensure Tecnicas Reunidas FEED Scope according with Gidara expectations for the AMA project.

With this project Savener reinforces its presence in the Renewable Fuels sector and initiates a future path to increase collaboration with Gidara and other key players in the sector.
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SAVENER supplier of Owners Engineering Services for Dutch company GIDARA Energy