SAVENER sponsor of the University of Seville in the MOTOSTUDENT. A bid for Innovation

As part of its commitment and support of innovation and being well aware of the society transforming role of the Universities, SAVENER was one of the main sponsors of the team US-R (Usrengineering) of the University of Seville in its participation in the 4th edition of the project Motostudent.
It is a competition organized by the MotoEngineering Foundation and it consists of the complete design, development and manufacture of a full racing motorbike.

Engineering students belonging to universities from all over the world put into practice the theoretical concepts acquired in their years of studies, working on a real project with a duration of three semesters. The resulting projects are exhibited for several days in the Motorland circuit in Aragon, where the prototypes are assessed from both a theoretical and functional aspect.

The team developed a prototype with a significant reduction of weight compared to previous editions, thanks to the meticulous design and calculations of the different components of the motorbike. Our team US-R was among the 5 best classified in the Project of Industrialization, out of the 36 participating teams in the Petral category.

It is no doubt a valuable way of applying one’s knowledge, developing innovations, learning and improving teamwork, developing organizations and implementing the best management in order to produce an efficient and competitive product. Something which will be extremely useful in the working environment in which they will find themselves in the near future.

SAVENER is a Company that strives for innovation, applying it and developing it from day one. Being well aware of the importance of innovation in its track record, SAVENER supports this type of initiatives to create a more favourable social environment for the development of future innovative and competitive projects, which may give solutions and answers to the challenges that lie ahead.

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SAVENER sponsor of the University of Seville in the MOTOSTUDENT. A bid for Innovation