SAVENER receives recognition from BREEAM® ES for its firm commitment to Sustainable Construction

The prestigious International Organisation BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) has recognized Savener’s commitment throughout its professional career with Sustainable design.

Savener, committed from its origins to Sustainable Development and as a pioneer and benchmark in this type of projects and solutions, became a permanent member of the recognized list of BREEAMers as a socially and environmentally responsible company that collaborates in the dissemination and promotion of the benefits of health, energy saving and respect for the environment in building. 

This is a consideration reserved exclusively for those entities and organizations that, like Savener, believe in more sustainable construction, have shown a high capacity to develop innovative solutions in this sense and wish to become actively and participatively involved in the dissemination of these values.

BREEAM, founded in 1990, is the first sustainable construction certificate created in the world. It is the most technically advanced and leading method of assessing and certifying the sustainability of building construction worldwide with +591,000 certified buildings in 90 countries since its first version in 1990.

The main objective of this company, which forms part of Savener’s DNA, is to promote sustainable construction, which will result in greater profitability for those who construct, operate and/or maintain the building; the reduction of its impact on the environment; and greater comfort and health for those who live, work or use the building.

Management, Health and Wellbeing, Energy, Transport, Water, Materials, Waste, Ecological Land Use, Pollution, Innovation are the 10 categories assessed, based on the different phases of design, construction and use of buildings. The company has evaluation and certification schemes depending on the typology and use of the building.

In Spain, where Savener was a pioneer in adopting this efficient methodology, the international BREEAM certificate has been fully adapted to the language, regulations and construction practice of our country since 2010. A process agreed, requirement by requirement, with +200 experts and which is constantly updated. We are proud to be part of this movement and to be pioneers in the transformation of our world towards a more sustainable model.

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SAVENER receives recognition from BREEAM® ES for its firm commitment to Sustainable Construction