Savener Proyectos will show ‘live’ the advantages of sustainable construction

Aurelio Pérez, CEO of Savener Proyectos, will hold a conference on 15th February at the Trade Fair and Conference Hall in Jaen, on the evolution of concepts, techniques and solutions adopted in the sustainable design of buildings.

The conference is part of the cycle “Value Creation and Business Opportunity in New Sustainable Construction Projects” organized by Bioptima and is supported by numerous institutions, among which the Department of Innovation, Science and Enterprise of the Province of Jaén.

Aurelio Pérez will begin his intervention by reviewing the most recent concepts on sustainable design, showing briefly some present-day solutions. He will then analyse the results of a building conceived under sustainable parameters in the year 2005 which is functioning at the present time.

The speaker will explain the differences and deficiencies of a design which dates back five years, and prove whether a sustainable development presents more difficulties in its execution than a building erected following a traditional concept.

To achieve this, he will establish a live connection with the control system of the building in order to see how it functions in a direct and detailed way.

Programa Bioptima 2011 PDF

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Savener Proyectos will show ‘live’ the advantages of sustainable construction