SAVENER presents its two Energy Transformation Projects at the Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocío de Sevilla (HUVR)

Last Thursday 13th January 2022, the presentation of the two projects developed by Savener, took place in the Aula Magna of the Government Building of the Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocío, of measures for the improvement of energy efficiency in the hospitalisation buildings of the mentioned hospital.

The presentation was given by Joan Pujadas, Project Leader of both projects and head of Savener’s HVAC Department.

These meetings are part of Savener’s quality and way of providing services, aware that for the success of projects such as this one, it is not only important how innovative and successful the solutions developed are, but also the involvement of all the related agents so that they feel it as their own and understand from the earliest stages the implications, characteristics, singularities and operation of the project.

The projects in question include actions such as the construction of the new HUVR cooling production plant, the complete refurbishment of the HVAC installation at the Women’s Hospital, the installation of four photovoltaic energy collection plants (one for each hospital building), the construction of the new HUVR boiler room that will house the new hot water generation boilers for heating and domestic hot water production, and the new steam generation boilers for sterilisation and laundry.

The event was organised by the hospital’s Engineering, Investment and Maintenance Sub-directorate, from where these projects have been promoted, and was aimed at informing hospital management and maintenance technicians and managers (team leaders, group leaders, on-call team leaders, industrial masters and technical engineers) of the scope of the projects at first hand. The participation of the latter was essential, as they are the ones who currently manage and operate the facilities that will be affected by the actions to be carried out. One of the objectives of the event was to seek their complicity and involvement in the execution phase that will begin in the coming months.

The presentation was a great success, as almost all of the technicians who attended, around 30 people, were very participative, asking all kinds of questions about the different actions and were very interested in the presentation and in the projects that will soon begin their execution phase to provide the leading hospital in Seville with new facilities that will use the most advanced technologies available at the moment, with a size that will place them among the largest in the world in their category.

The event was also attended by part of the team responsible for the management of the HUVR in different areas such as economic and medical, equally important for the success of the two projects due to the effect that some of the actions have on the care service provided at the HUVR and which will require very close prior coordination between all parties.

This presentation, given by one of the leading professionals in the Savener organisation, represents the starting point of the construction phase and the achievement of the main objective of this project: to obtain very high levels of energy efficiency, which will lead to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and in turn provide a high level of thermal comfort for both users and employees.

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SAVENER presents its two Energy Transformation Projects at the Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocío de Sevilla (HUVR)