SAVENER enrols to the Select Group of Spanish Companies with the Certificate of Management Excellence

Last 25th of November, after a thorough analysis of more than 57 indicators of 10 different categories, SAVENER obtained the “Certificado a la Gestión Excelente”, awarded and supported by The Economist and the institution Informa D&B. Only 47 companies from 1.300 candidates have achieved the certificate this past year. The different indicators attempt to analyze and study different aspects such as solvency, profitability, growth, internalization, human resources management, corporate social responsibility, clients satisfaction, quality, innovation, commercial risk management and companies digitalization.

It is about a multifaceted analysis of the company and every single aspect and point. The high exigency of the parameters that have been used means a strict final selection, what makes rouses the companies interest to obtain the certificate since it provides them with an essential value to compete on the market. This certificate allows them to promote the image of the company, to know and discover their strengths and weaknesses, to reinforce their image to financial institution, to stand out amongst the direct competition, to consolidate the clients and suppliers confidence, etc.

Aurelio Pérez Martín, CEO: “From SAVENER we constantly invest many resources and efforts to improve every day what we do and how we do it, trying to enhance every single aspect of the company at the highest levels, and not only the technical quality of the projects. Also, we try to solve all those issues that doesn’t function optimally. We can say that it is in the genesis of SAVENER, to constantly seek for the excellence in our tasks and results. For that reason, we have invested in new tools, new organization strategies, media and all sort of resources.”

From SAVENER, we are aware that what makes this achievement possible is  the effort and the compromise of many people. Therefore, we want to extend this acknowledge to our human team, our clients, our collaborators and every person that make possible our activity and the constant progress of our services.

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SAVENER enrols to the Select Group of Spanish Companies with the Certificate of Management Excellence