SAVENER Inaugurates one of its Projects, an ECOBUILDING

The President of the Government of Andalusia, José Antonio Griñán, along with other members of his government, such as the Head of Public Works, Ms. Rosa Aguilar, have inaugurated the Service Building of the Fresno Area in the Logistics Zone (ZAL) of the Bay of Algeciras (Cadiz). During the act, José Antonio Griñán stated that the purpose of this building was «economic competition through an appropriate use that does not waste resources». «It is a question of being better at doing what we already know how to do, this would be a Sustainable Andalusia», said the President of the Andalusian Regional Government.

The building was raised on a plot measuring 20,000 m2 and has a usable area of 18,000 m2. The cost of construction was 17 million euros and it has been designed to be one of the latest examples of Sustainable Architecture in Europe.

Its exquisite blend of modern, rational architecture is not only due to the aesthetic values applied, but also to its finely-tuned adaptation to the setting, including a wide variety of efficient solutions. The result is a building that not only surprises viewers with its form, but also with its features and capacities.

It saves 63% of the energy that a building of similar characteristics would require, nearly 87% of the drinking water and the cost of maintenance is very low. The materials used are low-emission and the level of light is close to the natural spectrum (to prevent fatigue and increase visual relaxation). The building is comfortable for users and has additional security features, such as the capacity to keep all its systems running for 10 hours in the case of power failure. It also has an integrated management system that can predict local atmospheric conditions (it has its own weather station) and prepare the building’s climate systems for optimal operation under future conditions. The whole building is an international landmark and an outstanding example of Sustainable Building.

Although the Sustainability Strategy, the aspects derived from Bioclimatic Architecture and all the building installations have been developed by SAVENER Proyectos, the building itself was designed in collaboration with the team from mrpr arquitectos, who are famous for their attractive contemporary architecture. One of the sustainability solutions was chosen by the Andalusian design and supervision teams, as were most of the components and materials used in the construction. Not only does this lower CO2 transport emissions, it is a boost and support for the economy of the region.

The highest authority of the Regional Government, Mr. José Antonio Griñán, expressed his sincere satisfaction with the project and the final result. The Managing Director of APPA and Chairman of the ZAL, Mr. José Salgueiro Carmona also declared their satisfaction and appreciation for acquiring a building of these characteristics.

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SAVENER Inaugurates one of its Projects, an ECOBUILDING