SAVENER has been selected for the Energy Transformation project of the Virgen del Rocío Hospital

Savener has been selected in the public tender organized by the Andalusian Health Service to draft the Project for the Execution and Supervision of the works for the Measures for cost savings and energy diversification for the buildings and centres that depend on the University Hospital Virgen del Rocío in Seville.

The revolutionary and innovative proposal submitted by SAVENER earned the acknowledgement of the evaluation panel and finally the award of the project.

Although the solutions had to be based on Audits made previously in 2018, SAVENER retained the same strategy but reconfigured them to improve the results, efficiency and effectiveness of the final results.

In short, the project foresaw the design and implementation of different measures grouped into 4 action plans, to improve the energy efficiency of the buildings in the hospital complex.

They included the design of a new, highly efficient District Cooling Centre to serve the General Hospital, the Rehab and Traumatology Centre, the Women’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital. The planned centre will be transformed into the world’s largest District Cooling System of its kind. It also has the most thermal power in Spain.

The list of climate control works also includes the completion of other interventions, such as the replacement of the installation in the Women’s Hospital for one which uses inducers to create a more practical system which performs better. The original air processing units in the Children’s Hospital will also be replaced by more modern models that are more efficient.

Another of the solutions proposes the replacement of the existing fluorescent and other lighting systems that are inefficient with new LED light fittings with the latest technology.

The interventions to include more Renewable Generation will see arrays of solar energy panels installed on the roofs of 4 buildings in the project to supply power for self-consumption. Finally, to improve the outer skin of the buildings, the surviving original windows will be replaced for new ones with advanced climate control features.

In short, the plan includes a number of different interventions to improve the hospital buildings in the Virgen del Rocío complex that will have a direct effect on energy savings and reduce CO2 emissions. It will also make the buildings more comfortable for the patients and staff who use the hospital facilities every day.

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SAVENER has been selected for the Energy Transformation project of the Virgen del Rocío Hospital