Savener has been awarded the preparation and reform of the main Airbus office building in Tablada

After a tender process in which specialist engineering and architectural firms from the sector took part, Savener has been selected by Airbus to draft and supervise the works for the project to upgrade the historic K building in the Airbus factory at Tablada.

Alongside hall A, this building forms part of the original layout of the Construcciones Aeronáuticas factory which was begun in 1938. We are therefore talking about a building which has a close relationship with the city of Seville in the last century and which continues to be an important part of the life and economy of the city.

This is not an industrial complex that has been left behind to crumble into obsolescence when its business moved away. This is a fully working factory that still maintains around a thousand direct jobs and many more indirect ones. It is an industrial complex in which any new projected intervention has to make allowances for the continuity of production. Most such interventions involve the renovation and/or replacement of infrastructures for more efficient versions adapted to the assembly lines and the working conditions of the employees. This continuous process of reform, adaptation and the replacement of installations by others and the need to make any renovations with environmentally sound materials is more than enough reason to justify the drafting of this project.

Savener has incorporated all this complexity and significance into the project to adapt the building to the latest standards of accessibility and to satisfy the company criteria for updating its image and appearance, which is at present hampered by slightly outdated finishes and style. Savener has created a potent, experienced, multi-skilled team for this project, to apply criteria for sustainability, economy, style respect for heritage and quality when drafting the project to modernize the installations and ensure that they are ready for the new criteria.

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Savener has been awarded the preparation and reform of the main Airbus office building in Tablada