SAVENER finalizes the Execution Project of the Expansion of the Waste Park (T14) in Getafe

Savener delivers the Execution Project of the Expansion of the Waste Park of the AIRBUS-Getafe Factory in Madrid, also known as T14 Building, after a design process carried out in accordance with the needs of Airbus.

As part of the design phase now completed, a geotechnical study and a topographical survey have been carried out, which has helped to define the necessary implementation and foundations.

In its position as a key Strategic Supplier and Technology Partner in the field of Energy Efficiency for Airbus, Savener will complete this Execution Project with the corresponding Project Management of the construction and the Management of the necessary Documentation for the legalisation and modification of the building’s activity.

Savener, which is characterised by the efficiency of its projects and for being a socially and environmentally responsible company, will turn its efforts into greater profitability for the client, reduction of the impact on the environment and consequent quality and comfort for the people who use the facilities of the Waste Park.

The need for expansion through a new project arose as a result of the increase in the capacity of the AIRBUS-Getafe Factory in recent years.

Today, the current facilities consist of a closed warehouse for hazardous waste, a visor for non-hazardous waste, an outdoor storage area, offices and changing rooms.

The new present and future needs mean that most of the spaces will have to be extended to reach the following values:

– Hazardous waste storage – 730 m²

– Non-hazardous waste storage – 460 m²

– Outdoor storage area – 660 m².

– Expansion of changing rooms for 20 persons (previous capacity 10 persons)

– Expansion of existing office capacity, including 2 new additional workstations

– New side access to separate the access to the hazardous waste area

– Reorganisation of flows and lay-out of the waste park.

– Installation of forklift loading area

– Adaptation of facilities

– Spill retention system for the new areas

The new extended areas complement the existing ones and improve the functionality of the Waste Park due to the optimisation of the workflows.

The final building functions as an orderly whole, where the waste entry and exit routes have been optimised.

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SAVENER finalizes the Execution Project of the Expansion of the Waste Park (T14) in Getafe