Airbus selects Savener for the design of an innovative Hangar for the A400M

After a tender process which lasted over three months, which saw the participation of the best companies in Spain in this type of projects, Airbus finally selected Savener as the best option for the development of the future Hangar which will be built in the Factory of San Pablo Sur in Seville.

This Hangar will house the Recovery Center of the innovative aircraft A400M and will represent a reference project within this type of construction.

The peculiar and demanding requirements for this type of aeronautical infrastructure have somewhat conditioned Savener’s final proposal. The company has cleverly combined the high requirements and the commitment to a sustainable and efficient construction, achieving as a result a very functional, effective and innovative project, with a high degree of comfort and an optimization of the processes and activities which will be carried out within the building.

The experience behind Savener in this type of infrastructures and buildings together with a multi-skilled, highly qualified and experienced team, has made possible a final proposal which is in harmony with the rest of the Factory and at the same time satisfies the requirements of the different Airbus agents who take part in projects of this scope.

The planning envisaged for this Project has also represented a challenge for our team, given the limited amount of time available for the new Hangar to be completely operative. At the moment, the development is at the stage of Basic Project.

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Airbus selects Savener for the design of an innovative Hangar for the A400M