Our intense specialization enables us to support our clients in every discipline for the development of the biggest desalination plants of the world.

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The ultimate goal of desalination is not to remove salt from water, but to generate water for regional development, satisfy the needs of the population, industry, tourism and agriculture, to increase prosperity in an area, city or country.

This view demands that Desalination Plant projects must look for the most effective, efficient and secure solutions, seeking to align the process with the benefits it creates so that the requirements demanded for investment, operation and maintenance do not outweigh negatively the advantages and progress it offers.

SAVENER has taken part in the design and development of the largest and most innovative desalination projects in the world. Its technical team has created solutions that have never been tried before, and are a reference in the sector.

The wide range of services our team can provide cover all the needs that a desalination project may require in its various phases. SAVENER can provide each discipline that is involved, with the diverse specializations that a Desalination Plant requires.

Our team is highly skilled in the areas of Design 3D Modelling, PM, Civil Engineering, Structures, Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Piping, Instrumentation and Control, Electrical Engineering, Auxiliary Installations, HVAC, Chemical Engineering and Processes among others.

SAVENER is accustomed to working in collaboration with the world’s largest EPC in this sector, and has ensured that its technicians have a great capacity of integration with any development team and in any area to create an effective and efficient working team.

The geographical diversity of this type of project and the degree of specialization it requires have resulted in SAVENER possessing a team of specialists with extensive knowledge of international standards in each area and, similarly, a wide range of software tools to meet the specific demands of the final clients’ Technical Specifications.

SAVENER aims to be more than a technological ally in the design of this type of infrastructure, but to understand the business of our clients’ EPC, making available the most suitable profiles to accompany them in their purchasing and evaluation processes, analysis, commissioning, operation and maintenance of this type of plant.