The Biovallo Project

This project is an example of how a truly sustainable allocation of the territory can be the basis for the future development of a healthy, productive and profitable economy and society. The project is located in the Vallo di Diano, to the south of Salerno, Italy. It was carried out by an international and multi-skilled team of more than 40 people from Italy, Spain, the UK, the USA and Portugal. The project was directed and coordinated by a 5-person research and work group, in which SAVENER was represented. This team defined the concept, the basic ideas and preliminary works.

It was organized as three perfectly connected zones that form the structure and base of the productive, social and economic interventions.

BioAgriculture, BioHub and BioFactory. All development revolves around Biotechnology, as this is one of the key factors in society’s success in competitiveness in the next 100 years.

BioHub hosts the physical support for the development and flow of knowledge around the central concept, materials based on algae, biofuels, applications of organic photosynthesis, etc… among the many aspects that are being studied. Spaces for research, residences for students and a “free university” are some of the elements contained within the new territorial structure inside BioHub. BioFactory is the area where knowledge becomes part of the real world, offering society new solutions and products. It is a green production zone, because it consumes CO2 in the manufacture of the products developed in this area. This is made possible by the organization of the territory and the conceptual basis of the products made here.

This region in the Comunità di Montana is subject to a deterioration of the landscape due to the number of quarries in the area, which provided the stone that was used in the construction of cities such as Naples or Salerno, and for road building. The proposal is also intended to make use of deteriorated spaces to stimulate a green regeneration of the landscape and territory.

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The Biovallo Project