SAVENER visits the IMI Hydronic Factory in Krakow (Poland)

Last 24th October the Technical Director of SAVENER visited the factory that IMI Hydronic Engineering has in the Polish town of Olewin, about 40 km northwest of Krakow.

This company (known not so long ago as TA Hydronics or Tour & Andersson) is a world reference in several of the products it manufactures, being a pioneer in balancing valves and differential pressure regulating valves. The final assembly of many of the products sold and distributed worldwide by the brand is carried out at this plant. More than 2,000 items are manufactured, tested, packaged and shipped to IMI’s logistics centre near Katowice, about 70 km west of the factory (and about 90 km west of Krakow), from where products from all IMI factories in Europe are distributed all over the world.

IMI Hydronic is a world leader in balancing valves and differential pressure regulating valves

The Olewin plant, located in a typically Central European environment and surrounded by lush forests, manufactures a wide variety of products such as thermostatic heads, actuators for motorised valves of all diameters, diaphragm expansion vessels, various types of valves of all diameters such as the aforementioned balancing valves and differential pressure control valves, but also combined control, balancing and metering valves for terminal units, pressure relief valves, valve kits for fan coil units, etc.

As a curiosity, there is also a department in the plant where the TA Scope, the balancing instrument used by the brand to measure and record the differential pressure, flow, temperature and power of hydraulic systems, is repaired and tested.

The visits to international suppliers, as well as the field work, are activities that promote the training and technical knowledge of Savener’s professionals, as well as promoting a good atmosphere and conviviality among colleagues. Even if it was only for a few hours, they were able to enjoy the charms of the city of Krakow, strolling through its streets, visiting the monumental Market Square and taking a boat trip on the Vistula River.

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SAVENER visits the IMI Hydronic Factory in Krakow (Poland)