Savener leads the reform of the skylights in the Airbus hangars at the Tablada factory in Seville.

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Savener has started the execution of an ambitious project to reform the skylights in the hangars of the Airbus factory in Tablada, Seville. This intervention aims to solve the problems of water ingress in the production areas, caused by the deterioration of the enclosures due to the passage of time. With this initiative, Airbus reaffirms its commitment to invest in the continuous improvement of its facilities to ensure long-term production success.

The first phase of the refurbishment, led by Savener, will focus on renovating the window frames, repairing glass in poor condition and replacing entire walls with an advanced polycarbonate system. This innovative material will maintain the interior humidity and temperature conditions, while ensuring natural lighting in the hangars, thus optimising working conditions and energy efficiency.

One of the great difficulties of the project lies in carrying out this reform while maintaining domestic productive activity

Airbus confidence in Savener for the execution of this type of project is not accidental. Savener has demonstrated on numerous occasions its capacity to combine design, solution and improvement in refurbishment projects in the industrial sector. This new collaboration reaffirms Savener’s position as a leader in the improvement of infrastructures and buildings in Airbus factories in Spain, consolidating its reputation as a strategic partner in the development of optimal and sustainable solutions.

The refurbishment of the skylights at Tablada is a further example of Savener’s commitment to excellence and innovation, working hand in hand with Airbus to ensure that its facilities not only meet the highest quality standards, but also adapt to the future needs of the aerospace industry.

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Savener leads the reform of the skylights in the Airbus hangars at the Tablada factory in Seville.