Bioptima, Jaén

Savener was an active participant in the First International Fair on Biomass, Renewable Energy and Water. One of the Themed Forums organized as part of the Fair was devoted to Sustainable Architecture and Town Planning. This forum was sponsored and organized by Savener and included presentations from within the sector, such as Unión Fenosa and the Andalusian Energy Agency. The themed forum was opened by the President of the Provincial Government of Jaen and the Director of the Andalusian Energy Agency. The inaugural technical presentation was given by the President of Savener, Aurelio Pérez Martín, by video conference from Shanghai.

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Savener occupied a stand where it could showcase its services and products in greater detail, which dealt with more than 500 visitors in the three days of the meeting. In the meeting, Savener received an award for its Sustainable Architecture and Town Planning from Gaspar Zarrías, Councillor for the Presidency of the Andalusian Regional Government. The award was given in recognition of the track record and the tireless work to build a more sustainable model of town planning and society.

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Bioptima, Jaén