SAVENER will carry out the Repair Project of the North Platform of the Airbus San Pablo Sur Plant in Seville

The Taxiway of San Pablo South occupies the entire northern part of the plant. It is made up of a taxiway for aircraft oriented from east to west, which connects San Pablo airport with the AIRBUS facilities, an access road to the southern area and an arrival branch to the unloading hangar of the A300-600ST (Beluga) transport aircraft.

Surrounding this taxiway, built with flexible pavement, there are three work areas: the North Apron, the TMD Apron and the Engine Apron (TANGA).

These three areas serve as parking areas for aircraft, allowing for different types of operations, as well as various tests to be carried out on them.  On these three platforms, the support surface is provided by a rigid surface.

The pitch and location of the A400M is the most restrictive due to its significant axle load.

Different types of aircraft are moved and parked throughout the area, the most restrictive from the point of view of the durability of the existing sections and configurations being the passage and location of the A400M due to its significant axle load. It is also necessary to take into account the passage of tractor-trailers, also vehicles with high axle loads.

All this traffic causes this more rigid pavement (concrete) to be deteriorated and altered, causing the creation of FOD (Foreing Object Debris/ Damage), foreign objects located in the area of operations that can cause damage to the aircraft as they can form part of the flow of the turbines of the aircraft’s engines. These FOD can be classified into 3 stages, the aim of the project being the repair of FOD 3, which are those that can be absorbed by the aircraft engines and cause damage to them or be thrown and damage nearby operators and equipment.

For Savener, safety in all solutions is another of its strategic pillars, thats why our clients trust our team when it comes to solutions where final safety takes precedence over technical difficulty. However, as always with many of our clients, we must design solutions that allow activity to be maintained without interruption, with rapid execution and immediate commissioning, which makes solutions that at first glance could be simple complex. That is why our highly specialised technical team.

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SAVENER will carry out the Repair Project of the North Platform of the Airbus San Pablo Sur Plant in Seville