SAVENER manages the works for the Seville Metro Photovoltaic Installations

The 1 GW photovoltaic installation, in which Savener participates as the main agent carrying out the Site Management and the Health and Safety Coordination, is being developed with the main objective of making Metro de Sevilla the most sustainable means of transport in the city.

This is a very ambitious project, with great technical depth and enormous social and environmental implications. The photovoltaic installation is located along the Metro stations, which have roofs on the surface and on the main Workshops and Corporate buildings.

It is a self-consumption installation with state-of-the-art bifacial monocrystalline photovoltaic panels with high levels of efficiency

The solar collection systems are connected to the low voltage grid in a distributed manner. This means that the energy supply is more evenly distributed over the entire consumption grid, which results in a better balance of the grid’s needs.

The inverters selected have very high yields and very low distortion of the electrical parameters of the emitted waveform. A fundamental element in the implementation of the system is the anti-spill system adapted to the duplicated power supply system of Metro de Sevilla. This is a system with a dynamic controller that allows the generation level of the inverters of the production installation to be regulated, adapting to the instantaneous electricity demand.

One of the main difficulties of the project lies in the execution of the works while maintaining the transport service for the public at all times. Savener, in full coordination with the construction company, carries out coordination work to ensure that the work is carried out without interfering with the normal passenger transport service and with total safety for the workers. Work is carried out outside operating hours when the areas close to the catenary lines require it.

In short, a new challenge for Savener, which it faces by offering its wealth of experience, knowledge and resources.

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SAVENER manages the works for the Seville Metro Photovoltaic Installations