Savener advances operational excellence with Integrated Digitalisation Strategies

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In its ongoing quest to lead the way in sustainable engineering and technological innovation, Savener has taken a significant step towards optimising its internal processes and continuously improving operational efficiency. This strategic approach not only reflects our commitment to excellence, but also underlines the importance of adopting advanced tools and solutions that complement our vision for the future.

As part of this initiative, we have recently incorporated improvements to our management system through the adoption of state-of-the-art technologies, including Synergy software. This tool, although not the only element of our digitalisation strategy, plays an important role in the integration of different processes, contributing to the creation of more efficient workflows and the reduction of operational burden.

Integrated Digitalisation represents the quintessence of efficiency and adaptability

The collaboration with Afinsoftware, official distributor of Exact’s Synergy product, and other leaders in the software field, has been fundamental in this process. Through this strategic partnership, Savener has not only strengthened its technological infrastructure, but has also reaffirmed its commitment to the integral digitalisation of processes, sharing values of professionalism, closeness to customers, and a proactive approach.

Recently celebrating Afinsoftware’s fifteenth anniversary, we have reiterated the strong ties that bind both organisations together, based on excellence and leadership in our respective sectors. This milestone reminds us of the importance of collaborating with partners who share our vision and values, and how these strategic alliances are essential to advance our common goals.

At Savener, we are committed to leading by example, using technology and innovation not only as tools for our own growth, but also as a means to contribute to a more sustainable future. The incorporation of solutions such as Synergy is just one aspect of our broad strategy to improve efficiency and sustainability across our operations.

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Savener advances operational excellence with Integrated Digitalisation Strategies