SAVENER expands its expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics. CFD

Within the Solid and Fluid Mechanics Department, Savener has obtained licences and training in Solidworks Flow Simulation. This software, developed by Dassault Systems and internationally renowned, makes use of the finite volume method (FVM) to simulate any fluid flow situation.

This tool, integrated in the CAD program Solidworks, allows an exhaustive analysis and calculation of fluid flow and forces, heat transfer processes, etc. of numerous situations in the field of engineering: Processes, HVAC, device cooling, flow in valves and/or industrial equipment, desalination plants, aerodynamics, engine and machine design, etc.

In Savener, the use of the latest technology and the continuous training of its professionals, is a fundamental rule and a basic pillar, in order to be able to offer at all times the most competitive and effective solutions to any challenge at a global level. With the use of software, our team incorporates a new tool that will help to make technical decisions in the search for a more efficient and optimised design in each project.

With the acquisition of this new software, together with the experience in FEM calculationsand three-dimensional CAD modelling, SAVENER’s Continuous Medium Mechanics department has an immense variety of tools which, together with the specialisation of its technical team, allows it to analyse any problem with solvency and to be able to provide the most effective response from all angles

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SAVENER expands its expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics. CFD