The increasing necessity of more precise solutions which achieve high levels of efficiency and sustainability requires studies and analysis that may bring us close  to the actual behaviour of the proposed solutions.  SAVENER has the most powerful tools available  worldwide, with which the technical team is able to simulate the behaviour of the different solutions proposed and thus establish the exact corrections in order to reach the optimum and most efficient solution.  Proof of the high degree of precision that Savener has obtained in the construction and urban development sector are some of the tools being used by the company, tools that until recently were only being used in the aeronautics and motor industries. 

  • Energy Simulation
  • CFD. Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis (Fluent, Tas, VE...)
  • Building and Urban Developments Complete Performance Simulation
  • Lighting
  • Sun Exposure and Shade
  • Thermal Behaviour
  • Facades
  • Life Cycle Assessment. LCA.
  • Simulación Acustica de Edificios