Lighting projects

To achieve a high level of sustainability in its solutions, SAVENER uses thorough studies and lighting analyses.

During the drafting stage these studies are extremely important in the pursuit of a quality draft plan with a high level of sustainability. The design of an adequate solution for the lighting system not only guarantees a great energetic saving, but also allows an adequate lighting quality for the tasks that will be carried out in the different areas.
It is thus possible to avoid the effect of glare and reflection, different lighting levels in different spots in the same area (scarce uniformity), etc., reaching a high level of natural light while choosing an artificial light solution which will provide a light spectrum very similar to the solar one. As a consequence, our eyes will not be under stress, concentration will be increased and so will productivity and efficiency in the tasks to be carried out.



There are many solutions that can be adopted, some of which include the changing of the light tones over time, to emulate the variation of solar light throughout the day, a more comfortable situation than that of a constant non-changing light throughout the whole day, which negatively affects the human body. Other solutions pursue the creation of an ornamental type of light, in an effort to enhance different effects and sensations, always in the perspective of a high energy efficiency.

When a project has already been executed, but we want to improve the lighting system with a higher quality solution, the process is the same as for a new project. The difference lies in that a field survey is done previously to measure in situ the actual levels of lighting and note the different aspects that affect them (the colour of floors and walls, finishes or furnishings, windows, exposure, etc.). With all of this information available, the ensemble is modelled and simulated to obtain the necessary data which will then enable the adoption of the improved solutions.



SAVENER utilises various software programmes to achieve the most adequate, efficient and healthy solutions. It has measurement tools to recreate a model with absolute fidelity, that will allow the final adopted solutions to work as intended.


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