Energy Audits in Jaén

The province of Jaén has claimed a stake for the pursuit of Energy Efficiency through various action plans. One of these was to carry out energy audits in many buildings in order to transform the existing urban model into a more efficient and lower impact one. The ultimate aim of these actions is to increase competitiveness by lowering the operative costs of habitability and functionality of the different buildings, and at the same time, reduce the influence of the province of Jaén in the climatic change of the planet, caused by the CO2 emissions derived from a lack of efficiency in the use of energy.


SAVENER has developed the majority of these tests and was asked to carry them out on the most complex and emblematic buildings, such as the Palace of the Province, which houses the Provincial Government of Jaén, and the Villardompardo Palace which dates back to the 16th century. The audits followed a detailed process with very specific tests in order to obtain conclusions and solutions which may substantially improve the energetic demand of each building. An endless number of variables was measured in situ, tridimensional models of the buildings and their surroundings were carried out in order to observe the effect of sun and wind, artificial illumination tests were carried out using specific software, thermography was used to inspect the building envelopes, energy demand simulations were carried out before adopting solutions and also after, to see the actual effect of these solutions; they were also tested using the CALENER software to verify whether their advantages are detected by official computer technology and many other specific tests were carried out to achieve various convincing solutions.

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